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Secret shake recipe!

Our shakes are an incredible staple on our menu! So here's a top secret recipe of how to make your own at home.

With Spring being just around the corner, it's the perfect time to grab a cooling shake with your favourite flavours. From traditional Strawberry to our mouth watering Lotus Biscoff, there will always be something that takes your fancy! So we thought we would kick off the new season in the best way, with showing how you re-create our shakes at home. Say you get that midnight craving or want to impress your friends on a weekend away with your fav treat, we've got you covered!

Now we won't lie to you, our Don Churro ingredients are one of a kind and it's tricky to find in your local supermarket what makes our shakes so irresistible! So we've come up with an at home recipe - super easy and super delicious!

All you'll need is:

- Milk of your choice

- Soft scoop ice cream

- Chocolate sauce (optional)

- Whipped cream (optional)

- Toppings of your choice, for this recipe we're using Oreo!

- A smoothie blender for equipment.

So firstly, take your blender cup and fill up half way with the milk. Then top up with the soft scoop ice cream, the softer the better so it blends in easily! Add in a generous dollop of the chocolate sauce and a handful of crushed Oreos. Whizz in the blender for 15 seconds. While it's busy blending, grab your cup and drizzle chocolate sauce around the inside of the cup creating a drippy effect (it looks great for the gram!) Once your shake is finished blending, pour into your cup - remember to leave a little space for your whipped cream to go on top! Then finish off with a pinch of crushed Oreo or even a whole one!

Now the best bit, grab a straw & enjoy!

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