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Taking it to a whole new level: Filled Churros!

It's been a favourite on our new menu for a while now, but where did the filled churros craze come from?

Filled Churros, originally known as 'Porras' are the perfect sweet treat, combining sweet and savoury in every bite! We love to go all out with our toppings, choices of chocolate or caramel sauce throughout the churro create a heavenly centre. Then comes the fun part, adding all your favourite toppings! There's many choices to make and always something new to try for next time!

We're always on the look out for new combinations so if there's a topping you really fancy, let us know! It may just wiggle it's way onto our menu.

Have you tried the filled churros with a refreshing shake on the side? It's the perfect afternoon treat! Just what you need when wandering around Swindon outlet or a mooch around Romford town...

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